Bitcoin mining reward and price correlation. Bitcoin 2020 year Halvening Is just more than One Years Away

In Les than two year’s time (on May 27, 2020, ) the new  coin reward for mining Bitcoin blocks will drop from 12.5 Bitcoin to 6.25 Bitcoin — and we are trying to predict how could change  Bitcoin price.

Bitcoin Halving History

This section will take a look at the previous two halvings.

2012 Halving

The 2012 block halving was the first halving. It was mined by SlushPool by someone using a Radeon HD 5800 miner.

  • New BTC Per Block Before: 50 BTC per block
  • New BTC Per Block After: 25 BTC per block
  • Price on Halving Day: $12.35
  • Price 150 Days Later: $127.00

2016 Halving

The 2016 was the second one ever.

  • New BTC Per Block Before: 25 BTC per block
  • New BTC Per Block After: 12.5 BTC per block
  • Price on Halving Day: $650.63
  • Price 150 Days Later: $758.81

2020 Halving, Current Bitcoin Block Subsidy

The current Bitcoin block subsidy is 12.5 bitcoins per block. When all 630,000 block  is hit (in 2020 May), the subsidy will drop to 6.25 bitcoins (BTC) per block.

Bitcoin Halving


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